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Winter Sunset

these coconut-ice sunsets

when the air is pink

and crisp and still

dessicated chill

and you can’t wait

to split some wood

crunch newspapers

and last night’s chocolate wrappers

and empty 6-pack holders

to strike a light

and strike me lucky

watch the flames

rise orange

scarlet yellow

in the grill

spit and crackle

frozen toes uncurl

to warm

and watch the stars

blink twinkly

on the window sill

of ghosty moonlit sky

and count your blessings

you’re not homeless

stretched out

on some cardboard pavement mat


that winter air

at 6pm is sharp and clean

and moist

and crystal clear

and it feels like home

like summer never does

like way back when

safe and carefree


with mum and dad.





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