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MARCH 2024



No drama... May is looking peachy.

My exhibition at Marios Café in Fitzroy was a blast, with many paintings sold and a lot of wonderful feedback.

The most popular painting (pictured below) 'Career Woman' sold to a dear friend but attracted so much interest I decided to do a limited print run for those who loved the image. I'm getting it printed on 'cotton rag' paper, so, it will look like the canvas. Message me if you you'd like to buy one.

My writer's workshop at Phillip Island, in the library of the brand new Berninneit Arts Centre went off with such a bang I've decided to organise some more soon.

I've been recording a monthly poem for Bass Coast Shire's Insta page, to promote my show there in August. Check them out.

I've got a lovely TV guest role coming up in May, but I'm not allowed to say what it is just yet. Stay tuned.

Also been recording birthday and fan messages via the  app - so, if you'd like me to say hello to someone check it out! 

The singing once a week continues on Thursday nights at Claypots Evening Star, Sth Melbourne Market 7-9pm

In other exciting music news a tribute show to Blossom Dearie that I've been planning for YEARS has finally got a date at the fabulous Paris Cat Jazz Club ( on Sun 21st July at 6.30pm.

Accompanied by John Thorn (piano), Phillip Rex (bass) and Craig Fermanis (guitar), 'Dear Blossom' is my  loveletter to the grape-peeling Queen of Hip.

Hurry book now!

Always available, as usual, for weddings, funerals and any other ceremonies. It's been my privilege to conduct a number of lovely, heartfelt farewells lately.

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