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A Successful wedding is a good start to a marriage...

"We connected instantly with Jane from our very first meeting. She is warm and compassionate, with a hint of quirkiness which is exactly what we were looking for. We felt she really got to know us and she conducted a service that truly reflected who we are as a couple. Thank you Jane for an amazing ceremony!"

- Nicola and Jason, at the lavish Cammerey Waters, Woodend, 2010.

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A successful wedding is a beautiful and joyful celebration of the love that already exists between two people. A romantic, significant, legally binding excuse for a marvellous party! 


I believe in the power of ceremony, in the significance of declaring one’s love out loud and making pledges for life in front of family and friends. 


I bring to the role of Civil Marriage Celebrant over four decades of experience in the entertainment industry. As an actor, singer, public speaker, master of ceremonies and published author. 


I know how to put on a good show. Your wedding is your show. You and your partner know what you want. It is my job to help you achieve that outcome. 


We will embark on a journey together, the three of us. I want to get to know you well enough to know exactly what you want from your wedding. I may be able to point you in the direction of aspects you may not yet have considered or happily follow your specific instructions. 


I also bring to this role of Marriage Celebrant an extensive musical knowledge and a comprehensive knowledge of a wide variety of suitable texts and poetry to be read at your wedding. 


Together we can create a truly memorable occasion.

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