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The Christmas Mist

THE MIST good will seeps like mist through tiny pores past oak-thick doors of brick-hard fierce resistance to the yule stubborn as mules we are but caught up in the dance of Christmas we can’t resist it love it hate it scorn it block it we can’t fight the list of things to do the traffic and the drinking and the drinking glasses clinking fuzzy thinking in the fog the mist of Christmas Santa’s juggernaut rolls on Rudolph’s geeing up the crew Joseph’s trudging to the census God’s expecting His Boy Jesus Donner Blitzen two by two reindeer in heaven camels below light the star in the east get this show on the road and through it all the mist the Christmas mist of mutual obligation resignation we are in it right up to our turkey necks in tinsel glazing pine trees sleighbells most folks here have never even seen! people beam and wish you merry and they seem to mean it all the way to January.

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