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June 1 Testing, Testing in the queue it’s just a little sniffle minor a-tishoo! but you gotta go you talk the talk you walk the walk, girl and you’ve had the jab the plastic lab is shimmering ahead like something out of Kubrick cars inching forward on command in patient acquiescence soft tears begin to well in my old peepers pangs of gratitude and pride for this brave dedicated crew this hive of front-line plastic-aproned soldiers masked and visored going through their motions with medical precision in constant locomotion weaving past the lines of orange bollards, yellow bins dipping in and out of windows like fast food wage slaves but with so much class and you feel emotional wanna hug them but that’s stupid very un-PC soul music suddenly erupts and you’re so happy they’ve got J-Lo and Aretha to rock them through their gruelling and demanding days 2 cars to go the tension mounts who will it be The One to stick it up my snout they say it hurts but guess what I can say without a doubt that it was painless gentle as a dove an act of unconditional love Victoria this drive to save each other’s arse.

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