Second-night down, luvvy...


I know how the moon feels


yesterday’s superstar

in the spotlight

every neck

craning for a view

of beautiful








no need to say

‘look at me’, moon

folks journeyed miles

for a view

they were willing to


to gaze

upon your marvellous cosmic


at your once-in-a-lifetime


to ooh and ah at the


‘But hey, world!’

I hear you moan, moon

‘you fickle bunch of fucks

I’m still up here!

I’ve still got it!

I’m bigger and clearer


there are steps

on the Maribyrnong


up to my door

I am

luscious pearl and shimmering

and, I believe,

better than before!’

no, moon

no one’s out of doors tonight

with telescopic lenses

in Instagrammatic frenzies

old news

sweet moon

Thursday’s featherduster, you

losing face

in outer space

where nobody

can hear you


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