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first round

hearts pound

thrills amongst the swill

of beer cups

and chip trays

hip hip hoorays

fat people

in small seats

leap to their feet

as one

to scream and yell and hiss

a goal, a point, a miss

an umpire doesn’t notice

what’s in front

of his

dead brainless eyes

blood curdling cries

and threats of violence

rend the clammy air

beneath the gaping roof

where seagulls swoop

like they were at the beach!

it’s March too hot for sport

and long walks to the jam-packed train

where claustrophobia

almost wrings the joy

out of the night

what a great fight

what a team

you shoulda seen ‘em

in full flight

in red and black

the footy’s back!

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A Day At A Time live! coming to La Mama in July 2022.

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