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Queenie, queenie....


why hate the queen


there are bigger fish to fry

to wish they’d up and die

how does she

affect your life

down here down under

on a daily basis


she’s rich but

so is Gina Rhinehart

do you hate her as much

I don’t give a flying fuck

for either of them


but one’s more fun to watch

one gives good show

the other

not so much

you feel oppressed

for real

true dinks

be serious

it’s time you had a chat

to someone from Pyong Yang

or Myanmar or Syria

a woman from the Middle East

try that


by ostrich feathers on a hat

an accent you don’t care for

half as much as

Father Ted or

Larry David

Patsy Stone

Steptoe or

James Brown

oppressed distressed

by power that wouldn’t

scare a cat

power that doesn’t stop me

doing anything

at all

the monarchy will fall

it’s okay, relax

we will go all the way

of the USA

and we will cry

hip hip hooray

free at last

free at last

and welcome the banal

and realize

the queen

did not really

affect your little life

at all.

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