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Poem #9

May 10th


do you think of me



do I cross your mind

should you find yourself

at someone else’s

celebration tea

do you take a sec

to wonder about me

and murmur

yes, I used to have one

but I turned my heart away

from all of that

faux normality

for reasons only known

to me

does your slender finger


hover over SEND

some message

to a mother

that might start

the end

to grief

to heartache and

to misery

or is that

only me

who thinks of you


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Hey Jane . I'm finally getting to work the blog a little smoother on my end. Been a year-and-a-half since l've gotten to know you, learn about you and I feel so bad about the heartache you carry inside for Hank. I made a comment about your poem in"Rhyme", to the effect that it's such a complete change from your comments in the address book and the dedication about Hank and Molle in A hand in the bush. Although I am no Holy Roller Catholic I do pray that someday you and Hank will come to some sort of reconciliation because I know it hurts you so .I can feel the pain lifting off the words. I guess that's al…

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