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Ode to Warnie

did Shane Warne

read in flight

of great Rod Marsh’s passing

and murmur

to himself

‘too soon’

not knowing

that the keeper’s reaper

lurked nearby

in slips

to catch him out

all out

for 52

was he fond recalling

some caught stellar moment

of the keeper’s glory

raising up a glass

or two

in some exotic bar

not knowing

that his time

was almost through

that he, too

would not see

another morning

that would see

us all

in mourning

for a fragment

of the very fabric

of our truest blue

for the larrikin

and the genius

and the fuck-up

and the wag

the romeo

and the dag


whether we were into cricket

or we couldn’t give a toss

it’s such a loss

too bloody soon

to bid adieu.

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