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October 14th 2023 ANNIVERSARY

lest we forget

how wet we were

when the river came to call

before dawn

while we were still in bed

but not asleep

on high alert

and fully clothed

stomachs in a knot

despite the big fat wall

to spite us all

it came

without a warning

from any body




it swirled right through

the door

without a knock or bell

it barged right in

sink or swim

and get the cars out now

before they scupper

in the drive


that’s what we had to do

and fast mate

while the sun rose slowly

while the text that read



through our phones

too fucking late

you bastards

dragging clothes

and books

and cases full of stuff

what’s important

what’s enough

too late for that

no time for this

just say goodbye

and head on up the hill

to park outside eighteen

to watch the river

roiling in


we won’t forget


and camaraderie

and misery


and loss

and we will be very sure

to trust

no body

but ourselves

and our community

the next time

there’s a chance

a hint

a rumour


the river comes to call

My book of poems, A Day At A Time In Rhyme (Littlefox Press) can be found here:

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