My perfect average Sunday - for Lisa Leong

in the upside-down world

that is showbiz

my perfect average Sunday

means a job

us mob of showfolk

rock a different


to the 9-5

the weekend’s when

you find us at our peak

it’s when we come alive

and with luck

you’ll find us

on a stage

in a matinee

a festival

a picture in a gallery

a novel by the sea

that’s us

we made that

we are who

you come to see

and hear

and share a joke with

when you’ve enjoyed your Sunday sleep-in

and your cup of tea

with Lisa on the wireless

ooh, a jazz band in a winery

that sounds nice

to you

sounds ideal

to me

it’s where I love to be

in all my finery

hard at it

in the back-to-front world

singing for my supper

on a Sunday.

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