Kicking Against the Pricks

May 19

short memory

(must have a …)

this time last year

doors barred and bolted

faces masked

expressions halted

silent highways

empty skyways

no questions asked

we did what we were bidden

we washed our hands

of status quo

of job responsibility

and then washed them again

cut off from

friends and family

in brutal lockdown

in claustrophobic curfew

we hoped

(not prayed, that would be pointless)

for safe delivery

from pain

and death

and suffering

and bone-rattling



and now…

this year

a vital key appears

a tiny prick

a loaded arrow

pointing to a road

a pathway

back to how it used to be


and yet…


want to be free


well, bugger me

how stupid selfish ignorant

can some people


short memory

(must have a…)

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