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Election 2022 - Day 1

tongues out lies in Howard’s got your rival’s back now that’s a thing tongue in cheek lies and gags abound and gaffes will come around to bite you on your sorry baggy arse mate the nation’s past the point of disbelief in what you have to offer which ain’t much mate truth be told face it you are out of touch with all those proles you claim to dote upon forget the polls a new pool and Ladies shower block won’t be enough to swing their vote no matter how many hardhats you put on mate a new chief is what’s required face it you are tired of the fray admit it you are old exhausted by the pesky day to day relentless airhead posturing apologies yeahbutnobut just relax mate blessed relief is on the way from all the mischief of your blustering buffoonery and your god mate how good is that mate you and your goon squad on a hiding to obscurity.

Hit that ❤️over there on the right ➡️ Make my day.

A Day At A Time live! coming to La Mama in July 2022.

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