DAY 54 – Sept 25 it’s happened I’m bored I’m the chairman of the bored I’m the mortar board of bored I’m the sideboard of bored the outboard motor of bored the kickboard of bored the carving board of bored the smorgasbord of bored the eastern seaboard of bored the drawing board of bored the emery board of bored the bed and board of bored the cupboard of bored the boardwalk of bored the education board of bored the floorboard of bored the Ouija board of bored the ABC board of bored the chipboard of bored the skateboard of bored the cheese board of bored the chess board of bored the port and starboard of bored

the Steve and the Board

of bored I tread the boards of bored the power board of bored the boogie board of bored the enquiry board of bored the bored to the back teeth of my board shorts bored honey! I’m so goddamned fed up...

I'm bored!

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