DAY 44 – Sept 15 75 days of hazing in the gruelling glaring media gaze each day feels like a month he says so, do the math that’s 7 years malaise each question 7 times rephrased the answer never appraised a double-glaze of ignorance

pervades 75 days of focus true a steady gaze that won’t betray a trace a hint a shade of what the rest of us would say or do if we were on that stage an hour or so each day

(the very air would turn blue) 75 days of showing up of sticking to the job of face control of hacking the mob rolling out doleful facts and figures knowing what’s desired instead is bullshit crystal ball conjectures opinion gossip gotcha you betcha ta-dah! smoke and mirrors 75 days of not about him no matter how they spin it 75 days of getting it done down to the

very last

excruciating safe and soundest minute. See also poems read out loud at

My book of poems, A Day At A Time In Rhyme (Littlefox Press) can be found here:

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