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Ode to Footy

September 21st, 2018


young men at their peak


this day will not repeat

this prime of life

each muscle sleek

and oiled

caressed by experts

a dozen options for the hair

short long

beard bun

alice band and

retro razor chic

the tattooed sleeve

vaults through the air

aloft on faultless knees

crashing to the turf

with ease

without a care

the hopes and dreams

the boos the cheers

of more than ninety thousand fans

are ringing in your ears

the taunts the jeers

hearts pumping

ready for the fray

the skinny seconds tick away

like time bombs

flying feet and

god-like feats

of supernatural strength

bursts of speed

turnovers on a zac

rebounding from the pack

like coca-cola yo-yos

the siren

and the tears

the sporting handshakes

while the body reappears

and every knock and hit lines up

to say g’day to you

oo roo!

but you knew


for just an hour or two.

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