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Milk, Milk, Lemonade

August 24th Milk, Milk, Lemonade

time comes

when you gotta decide

you do need milk

fresh milk

but do you really

need that milk?

is it worth

the risk

of 2 hard weeks


which supermarket


the least amount of risk?

where do the

unvaxxed, unmasked, FREEDOM-fucking, conspiracist scum

prefer to shop?

and at what time?

should I perhaps


black tea


and as for Lurpac…


online butter, eggs

and Nurofen

is that the ticket?

or is that supermarket

hard by the funfair testing site

the best one for me?

do they shop before they test

or on the way out?

convenience shopping

takes on a whole new brand

I do need milk

and I will

bravely go

and wash my hands

and head towards the QR code

and trolley wipes

masked up and double-vaxxed

and fingers crossed

the virus is not crouched

amongst the dips and chips

and Cherry Ripes.

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