Lest We Forget

September 22 Quaker

rumble crunch

the walls are shaking

and the ceiling

I lie quaking

as the world

rocks to an end

the noise

the noise

is through the floor

and I am out of bed

out through the door

and clutching

stupid useless walls

and life is rumbling past


in my pink

pyjama top

and knickers



to the force

of something


something I’ve imagined

countless times before

but this is real

and it is


in its beginning

and its end

the seconds shudder

and my heart

is in my mouth

there will be no going back

to everything

we knew


and trusted

until now

until September


See also poems read out loud at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9uLwxslE_VQ-fu-Dw6gdIA/playlists

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