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End of Lockdown (auspicious date, that 21/10/21)

October 21

slide the lock turn back the clock to free to how it used to be well…. not really but it will have to do we knew this day would come eventually cracked on, we did, in hope the sun would one day rise on something new that we would see the back of same ol’ same ol’ fortress life inside the compound pacing out the pavers of our soft suburban cells with nothing more to do than make it through to wine o’clock

that lock is rusted over now

with bitter tears

and routine disappointment

a city full of institutionalised lags all Stockholm Syndrome is what we have become breathless in trepidation of the outside world a rag-tag band of bogans bogged down in our ugg boots bra-less shameless in our tracky dacks zoom-tired eyes that haven’t seen the lash of the mascara wand or shadow blink out now at this strange new tomorrow this scared new world of liberty that will be okay we know but it will never go the way it used to go.

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